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An objective method for the evaluation of eye irritation in vivo.

Diseases Inflammation Irritants Keratitis Rabbits Ultrasonics Abstract: It is generally agreed that intra- and interlaboratory variations in the evaluation of eye irritants are mainly due to the subjective ...

The enucleated eye test: A comparison of the use of ultrasonic and optic pachometers.

introduced recently into our laboratory for use in the eye-irritation test using enucleated rabbit eyes. We have compared the performance of this kind of pachometer with that of the optical pachometer. The ...

Keratin pattern in hyperkeratotic and ulcerated gastric pars oesophagea in pigs.

that the epithelium of the pars oesophagea of affected pigs would be more susceptible to the irritating action of acidic gastric content owing to a change in the pattern of expression of keratin, and ...

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