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In vitro antigenotoxic activity, in silico ADME prediction and protective effects against aflatoxin B1 induced hepatotoxicity in rats of an Erythrina latissima stem bark extract

Hermans, Nina; Foubert, Kenn Source: Food and Chemical Toxicology (2019) Keywords: antigenotoxicity Erythrina latissima In vivo antihepatotoxic activity Leguminosae Prenylated flavonoids Abstract: Stem bark ...

Antimutagenic constituents from Monanthotaxis caffra (Sond.) Verdc.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Makhuvele, Rhulani; Foubert, Kenn; Apers, Sandra; Pieters, Luc; Luc Verschaeve; Elgorashi, Esameldin Source: Journal of Pharmacy and ...

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