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European all-cause excess and influenza-attributable mortality in the 2017/18 season: should the burden of influenza B be reconsidered?

Brown, Caroline S; Adlhoch, Cornelia; Penttinen, Pasi; Mølbak, Kåre; Krause, Tyra G Source: Clinical Microbiology and Infection (2019) Abstract: Objectives Weekly monitoring of European all-cause excess ...

Excess all-cause and influenza-attributable mortality in Europe, December 2016 to February 2017.

Pebody, Richard G; Reynolds, Arlene; Bishop, Jennifer; Gross, Diane; Adlhoch, Cornelia; Penttinen, Pasi; Mølbak, Kåre Source: Euro Surveill, Volume 22, Issue 14 (2017) Abstract: Since December 2016, excess ...

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