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Food insecurity and its association with changes in nutritional habits among adults during the COVID-19 confinement measures in Belgium.

changes in most dietary behaviours. A strong government response is needed to tackle malnutrition and food insecurity to protect public health for ongoing and future pandemics. Health Topics:  Food ...

The effect of enteral tube feeding in cystic fibrosis: A registry based study.

Source: J Cyst Fibros, Volume 17, Issue 2 (2018) Keywords: Cystic Fibrosis Gastrostomy Malnutrition Pulmonary function Tube feeding Abstract: BACKGROUND: Long-term effect of enteral tube feeding (ETF) in ...

Surveillance of Clostridium difficile infections in a long-term care psychogeriatric facility: outbreak analysis and policy improvement.

CONCLUSIONS: Aside from stringent hygiene and antibiotic prescription stewardship, malnutrition of patients is a factor to be taken into account to contain a CDI outbreak in a long term care facility (LTCF). ...

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