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Phytochemical screening, antioxidant, anticoagulant and in vitro toxic and genotoxic properties of aerial parts extracts of Fumaria officinalis L. growing in Tunisia

Number 273 (2020) Keywords: Comet Assay Extracts Flavonoid content Fumaria officinalis L. genotoxicity In vitro toxicity Phenolic content Vitotox test Abstract: Fumaria is an important plant species with ...

Profiling of the beneficial and potentially harmful components of Trichodesma indicum seed and seed oil obtained by ultrasound-assisted extraction

present study. The T. indicum seeds were rich in oil (29.0%), phenolic compounds (PC s, 1881.2 mg/100 g) and pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA s, 2,702,338 ng/g). Seven PC s were identified in T. indicum seeds by ...

Screening of endocrine activity of compounds migrating from plastic baby bottles using a multi-receptor panel of in vitro bioassays.

hydrocarbons and phenols, while compounds such as benzaldehydes, ketones and esters of fatty acid showed antagonistic activities. Thirty five chemicals were able of agonistic activities on 1 to 4 receptors and ...

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