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Outbreak of leptospirosis during a scout camp in the Luxembourg Belgian province, Belgium, summer 2012.

Myalgia Proteinuria Recreation rivers Vomiting Abstract: An outbreak of leptospirosis occurred in the South of Belgium, during August 2012, in teenagers who participated in two consecutive adventure scout ...

Long-term renal function after HELLP syndrome105

Long-term Mass Mass index need Obstetrics period physiopathology Pregnancies Pregnancy Pregnancy Outcome Pressure Print Proteinuria Ratio RENAL SB- IM serum study Time Factors Universities university Urinary ...

Gel filtration of urine: a method to detect nephrotoxicity in rats

induced Chromatography,Gel fluoride im IS journal Kidney Diseases Male method Print protein Proteinuria rats Sample Samples SB- IM sodium urine Wistar rat Abstract: Sephadex G-100 gel filtration of urine ...

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