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Data analysis associated with the use of whole genome sequencing for subtyping of pathogenic microorganisms, Salmonella Typhimurium as a case study

result results routine Salmonella Salmonella enterica Salmonella typhimurium Science situation SOCIAL Species Still study Subtyping subtyping of isolates Surveillance use WGS whole genome whole genome ...

Health care trajectories and medication consumption of substance users in treatment: linking TDI and IMA databases (Belgium)

Health Topics:  Illicit drugs Drogues illégales Illegale drugs Service:  Mode de vie et maladies chroniques Levensstijl en chronische ziekten Lifestyle and chronic diseases Full text language:  English ...

A biomonitoring survey of the residents and the rescue workers for acrylonitrile after the train disaster in Wetteren (Belgium)

Questionnaire RANGE Reference Values residence residents result results Sample Samples Service Services Smoke smokers SMOKING SOCIAL specific Statistical status study survey System time tobacco urine values ...

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