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Characterization and hazard identification of substandard and falsified antimicrobials encountered in Belgium

spectrometry (UHPLC- MS2) screening method is presented, taking only 15 minutes, for the identification of 36 different antimicrobials and 1 beta-lactamase inhibitor. Furthermore, upon identification, ...

Development and validation of chromatographic methods for screening and subsequent quantification of suspected illegal antimicrobial drugs encountered on the Belgian market

antimicrobials UHPLC-DAD UHPLC-MS2 Abstract: Estimations, made by the World Health Organization (WHO), state that 10% of the medical products in low- and middle-income countries are substandard or falsified (SF). ...

Development and validation of a UHPLC-MS/MS screening method and a UHPLC-DAD quantification method for the analysis of counterfeit antimicrobials

Counterfeit antimicrobials LC-DAD LC-MS/MS Health Topics:  Illegal medicines Médicaments illégaux Illegale geneesmiddelen Efficacité et sécurité des vaccins, médicaments et produits de santé- Qualité des ...

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