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Scientific Opinion on the risks to public health related to the presence of ochratoxin A in food

Petersen; S. Sand; T. Schwerdt; C. Vleminckx; H. Wallace; J. Alexander; C. Dall’Asta; JC. Leblanc; A. Mally; M. Metzler; M. Binaglia; Z. Horvath; H. Steinkellner; M. Bignami Source: EFSA Panel, Public ...

Scientific opinion on the risk for animal and human health related to the presence of chlorinated paraffins in feed and food

Ntzani; A. Petersen; S. Sand; T. Schwerdt; Christiane Vleminckx; H. Wallace; B. Brűschweiler; P. Leonards; M. Rose; M. Binaglia; Z. Horvath; L. Ramos Bordajandi; E. Nielsen Source: EFSA Panel, Public ...

Guidelines for setting up an external quality assessment scheme for blood smear interpretation. Part II: survey preparation, statistical evaluation and reporting119

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Vives Corrons,J.L.; S. Albarède; G. Gutierrez; Heller,S.; Nordin,G.; Skitek,M.; Deom,A.; Horvath,K.; De la Salle,B.; Libeer,J.C. Source: ...

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