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Genotoxic evaluation of the liquids present in electronic cigarettes

animal-free approaches. In addition, the applicability of the Ames test and the in vitro micronucleus test to evaluate the genotoxic potential of e-liquids mixtures was investigated. [Methods]  The study was ...

Fusarium, clinical relevance and mass spectrometry methods for identification, using strains of the Belgian fungal culture collection BCCM/IHEM

development of a new identification method for mold infections which is directly applicable on clinical samples and relies upon the detection of species- and genus-specific peptides using tandem mass ...

Development of molecular tools for rapid detection and quantification of indoor airborne molds to assess their impact on public health

monitoring methods have also been developed. Through the application of the developed tools to specific case studies, we aimed to improve the current knowledge on fungal contamination.  At first, we developed ...

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