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M.tuberculosis mutants lacking oxygenated mycolates show increased immunogenicity and protective efficacy as compared to M. bovis BCG vaccine in an experimental mouse model.

the two mutants conferred stronger protection against intratracheal M.tb challenge than vaccination with BCG, as indicated by reduced bacterial replication in lungs at 4 to 12 weeks after challenge. ...

An update on vaccines for tuberculosis- there is more to it than just waning of BCG efficacy with time.

It is argued that the variable protection conferred by the existing BCG vaccine against reactivation of latent TB is caused not only by waning of its efficacy with time but also by its weak induction ...

Immunogenicity of eight Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis specific antigens in DNA vaccinated and Map infected mice.

vaccines conferred protection against subsequent challenge with Map. Health Topics:  Health and disease monitoring Category:  A1 FOS Classification:  3.03 Health sciences ...

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