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Anti-mycobacterial activity of 1,3-diaryltriazenes.

as Mycobacterium bovis, Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium ulcerans. Although the library of the compounds showed a considerable acute cytotoxicity, a genotoxicity could not be observed. Finally, ...

Biological evaluation of diazene derivatives as anti-tubercular compounds.

Neither of the three compounds showed signs of genotoxicity by VITOTOX or by Comet assay. The study was complemented by demonstration of the inhibition of intracellular replication of M.tb H37R v inside ...

Biological evaluation of bisbenzaldehydes against four Mycobacterium species.

growth inhibition assay of M. tb in murine J774 A.1 macrophages. None of the compounds showed significant cytotoxicity on human C3A hepatocytes in a neutral red dye uptake assay and no genotoxicity or ...

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