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Overview of diagnostic tools for Capripox virus infections.

(Goatpox) with severe socio-economic impact in case of wide scale outbreaks. Therefore there is a constant need for adequate diagnostic tools. The assays must be fit-for-purpose to identify the virus quickly ...

Complete Genome Sequence of the Goatpox Virus Strain Gorgan Obtained Directly from a Commercial Live Attenuated Vaccine

Volume 4, Issue 5 (2016) Keywords: capripoxvirus complete genome goatpox virus gorgan strain GTPV Health Topics:  Animal health Santé animale Diergezondheid Manuscript versions:  DOI:  ...

An Immunoperoxidase Monolayer Assay (IPMA) for the detection of lumpy skin disease antibodies.

Volume 277 (2020) Keywords: antibodies IPMA LSDV. Abstract: During this study a new Immunoperoxidase Monolayer Assay (IPMA) was developed for the detection of antibodies against lumpy skin disease virus ...

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