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Development and validation of chromatographic methods for screening and subsequent quantification of suspected illegal antimicrobial drugs encountered on the Belgian market.

a screening and a quantification method using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC- MS) and diode array detection (UHPLC- DAD), respectively were developed and ...

Impurity profiling of the most frequently encountered falsified polypeptide drugs on the Belgian market

biotherapeutics were already analysed, looking at a specific aspect of their quality or identity, no systematic studies have been performed regarding the presence of different impurities or possible contaminations. ...

Analysis of illegal peptide drugs via HILIC-DAD-MS.

five different HILIC columns were selected and screened for their chromatographic performance. Among those columns, the ZIC HILIC column showed the best performance under the tested screening conditions ...

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