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Good continuum of HIV care in Belgium despite weaknesses in retention and linkage to care among migrants.

the weakest stage of the continuum of HIV care. Its identification is a priority along with improving the HIV care continuum of migrants. Health Topics:  Quality of healthcare Qualité des soins de santé ...

Implementation of a quality improvement initiative in Belgian diabetic foot clinics: feasibility and initial results.

Neuropathies feedback Female Foot Ulcer Humans Male Medical Audit middle aged Pilot Projects quality improvement Surveys and Questionnaires Abstract: BACKGROUND: This article aims to describe the implementation ...

Quality of care of people with type 2 diabetes in eight European countries: findings from the Guideline Adherence to Enhance Care (GUIDANCE) study.

identified some encouraging positive trends in Europe in relation to meeting targets for the management of people with type 2 diabetes, but there is still scope for further improvement and greater ...

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