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Identification of potential migrants from printing inks used on paper and board food contact materials

Nielen,M. (2013) Keywords: analysi analysis chromatography CONTACT food Food Analysis food contact food contact material identification Mass Spectrometry ON Paper printing ink Screening method Service:  ...

Analyis of migration compounds from plastic baby bottles with GC-QQQ-MS and LC-QToF-MS: Development and application of a non-targeted extraction method

Hasjlova,J., Nielen,M. (2013) Keywords: analyis analysi analysis application Baby bottles chromatography Development food Food Analysis Mass Spectrometry method Migration Service:  Risico- en ...

Evaluation of the migration of 14 photo-initiators from cardboard packaging into Tenax and cereals using UPLC-MS/MS

Issue Hasjlova,J., Nielen,M. (2013) Keywords: analysi analysis cardboard Cereals EVALUATION food Food Analysis food contact material Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Migration ...

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