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Performance of in silico models for mutagenicity prediction of food contact materials

the endpoint ‘bacterial mutagenicity’ were calculated for a battery of common (Q) SAR tools, namely Toxtree, Derek Nexus, VEGA Consensus and Sarah Nexus. Printed paper and board food contact material ...

Reference Module in Food Science: A Safety Evaluation of Printed Paper and Board Contaminants: Photo-Initiators as a Case Study

9780081005965 Keywords: contaminants dry food exposure food contact materials hazard identification in silico tools Market survey paper and board printing ink Risk Assessment toxtree TTC Health Topics:  Food ...

Investigation of the genotoxicity of substances migrating from polycarbonate replacement baby bottles to identify chemicals of high concern.

Chemicals Agency (ECHA), in silico prediction tools (ToxTree and Derek Nexus(TM)) and the in vitro Vitotox(®) test for detecting DNA damage. By applying the decision tree, substances could be classified into ...

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