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Dr. Kris De Clercq DVM

Head of Unit

Kris De Clercq is graduated at the University of Ghent, Belgium, as ‘Doctor in Veterinary Medicine’ in 1981 and as ‘Master in Science in Animal Production’ in 1983.

In 1985, he joined the CODA-CERVA, one of the Sciensano’s predecessors, as responsible for the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine control unit.

Since 1991, he is responsible for diagnoses, serological controls and research in epizootic diseases such as foot- and mouth disease (FMD), swine vesicular disease, vesicular stomatitis, bluetongue (BT), sheep- and goat pox, lumpy skin disease (LSD) and rift valley fever.

Responsible or partner in international, national or regional research projects on FMD, bluetongue and lumpy skin disease diagnostics and vaccines, and on antiviral products (e.g. Galvmed, Epizone, Defend, Transcriptovac, …).

High responsabilities in several EU and FAO Reference Laboratories or Centre (e.g. Head of the ‘OIE Collaborating Centre for Validation, Quality Assessment and Quality Control of Diagnostic Assays and Vaccine Testing for Vesicular Diseases in Europe’ - Head of the FAO Reference Centre for vesicular Diseases- Director of the EU Reference Laboratory for diseases caused by capripox viruses - Co-Director of the EU Reference Laboratory for FMD viruses - Vice-President of the OIE Scientific Commission - …).

Participation in several worldwide missions for the FAO, EU, OIE, C-VET, …

Organiser of several international workshops in collaboration with EC, OIE and FAO.

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