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Sciensano connects, health, science and society

If you are curious, competent and driven, you match the profile of the candidates that we are looking for. 

We regularly seek scientists (doctors, biologists, bio-engineers, etc.) and laboratory assistants. 
We are also looking for administrative experts in different areas: human resources, finance, accounting, maintenance, reception staff, IT specialists, technicians, etc.

We employ staff under permanent contracts. 
Fixed term contracts are also offered (e.g. external financing, replacement contracts), sometimes within the framework of specific projects (e.g. doctorate scholarships). These opportunities are a chance to have a first foot in the door of Sciensano and to develop your expertise in a given area of public health. 
We are also open to collaboration, so do not hesitate to suggest any new projects to us!

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You have not found any position matching your expectations and your profile?

Then send us an unsolicited application.

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Because a work experience should be unique!

Welcoming and integrating you are key elements for a good start

Sciensano connects, health, science and society

You have not yet graduated and are interested in the field of public and/or animal health?

Each year Sciensano welcomes many interns in its scientific departments and laboratories, but also in its support functions. 

These internships and/or dissertations are carried out with a view to preparing a diploma or certification and must be integrated into a training programme. Therefore, these collaborations with Sciensano are subject to a tripartite training agreement between the trainee, the educational institution, and Sciensano.

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