Applying for a job at Sciensano?

How to apply for a job at Sciensano?

Whether you are applying for a specific position or sending an unsolicited application, please apply online preferably (via this link). 
Click on “Job offers” at the top of the page. Via this link, you can view the current job offers or send in an unsolicited application (via the link “spontaneous job application” at the bottom of the page). Click on the title of the job post to read the description. At the bottom of the page, follow the link “Click here to apply online!”. 

And in practical terms?

Are you applying to Sciensano for the first time? Please create a user account via the link “create an account”. 
Have you previously sent in an application? Please register using your login and password. Once recognised by the platform, you may access your personal page. Fill in or update your details, upload your CV and your solicitation letter. As soon as you have saved them, your candidacy is registered. 

May I apply for several jobs?

Yes, you may apply for several jobs at once. The profiles that we are looking for are varied. When our recruiters analyse your application, they also consider the other opportunities associated with it.

In practical terms? 

Follow the same steps as in applying (cf. “How to apply to Sciensano? “). You will find the information about your current and previous applications on your personal page. Update your details if needed and confirm your application for the desired job. 

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any question regarding the job position offered at Sciensano, please contact our experts in the Personnel & Organisation team at the following e-mail address: jobs@sciensano.be

Do you have a disability and need reasonable arrangements during the selection procedure and/or the job?

Please inform us when applying, and tell us more about the difficulties you face. To do so, please contact our experts in the Personnel & Organisation team at the following e-mail address: jobs@sciensano.be

The Sciensano selection procedure

What is the procedure?

Your application is examined by our experts in the Personnel & Organisation team. If your profile and your skills meet the requirements for the vacant position, you will be invited for an interview. If not, your application will be treated confidentially and saved in our database.
Apart from the interview, you may be asked to take one or more tests (personality test, technical skills, etc.). These are carefully chosen by our experts depending on the skills required for the post. 
In the course of the procedure, we assess the technical and generic skills, as well as the behaviour and the motivation of the applicant.

Particularities of our procedure?

Our employees (head of service and colleagues) are involved from the beginning and at all stages of the procedure. 
This approach enables the applicant who is invited for an interview to rapidly meet all the people with whom he or she could possibly be working. 
For some procedures, we work in collaboration with Selor.

How long does the procedure last?

It is difficult to say how long it will last. It depends on the complexity of the profile sought, the number of applicants, the quality of their profiles, etc. On average, the vacancies are published on our website for a period comprised between two weeks and one month. In most cases, the name of the successful candidate is known two months after the publication of the vacancy. 

I have not had any news of my application. What can I do?

Irrespective of the result, we try to send a reply to every candidate who has applied for a job at Sciensano. If you have not received a response two months after the closing of the vacancy, you may contact our experts in Personnel & Organisation team at the following e-mail address: jobs@sciensano.be.

My user account

Why create an account?

Creating your profile offers several advantages. You can fill in your details, update them or close your account at any time. You may also apply for several posts in an effective and rapid manner using the same user account. For us, it means that we have the most recent details available about you and that we are able to find your details in order to contact you, if necessary. Finally, the selection procedure is managed in a professional and automated way, and in complete confidence. 

What happens to my details when I apply online?

Your information is treated confidentially and saved in our database. The company taking care of the management of the platform that we use guarantees us that your details remain solely at your disposal. “As the database is not a shared database, no other company can consult your data.” All personal information is treated in the strictest confidentiality in accordance with the law on personal data protection. 

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Go to the login page of the platform associated with our employment website and click on “Password forgotten?”. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to enter the e-mail address that you used to create your account. Enter and send your e-mail address. Later you will receive an e-mail with a link to a web page, from which you can reinitialise your password. Warning: this link is valid for 24 hours and for a single reinitialisation request. If necessary, repeat the process. 

How can I change and update my account details?

Once created, you always have access to your account. From then on, you can manage and update your personal details, as you wish. Should you make any changes, do not forget to save them!

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