My work experience

Because a work experience should be unique!

Sciensano rhymes with a pleasant work climate, opportunities for personal fulfillment in both professional and private spheres, an interesting salary package and the organisation’s commitment to the civil society.

An organisation with a human face

At Sciensano, work is based on trust: in employees, in their human qualities, in their ability to achieve their work and to further improve their skills. This climate allows you to benefit from a considerable degree of autonomy. In particular, you have the chance to manage your priorities, your planning, your working schedules and your occupational development. Trust in employees is a source of motivation, well-being and best performance.

This climate based on trust offers you the chance to suggest initiatives and to propose innovative projects. Sciensano gives you freedom of action and encourages assertiveness, the ability to express yourself and to suggest new ideas in your own way.

Thanks to the great work of all of our employees, Sciensano succeeds in achieving its missions and objectives. Discussions, support and mutual assistance between colleagues are all part of our daily life. In other words, openness and communication are key values in our working environment.

Work-home balance

The well-being of all begins with yours!

A balanced work-home relation will ensure you are happier when carrying out your work. It also improves your motivation and your effectiveness.

In this perspective, various working hour arrangements are available:

  • Working hour flexibility
  • Possibility of e-working (under certain conditions and depending on the job)
  • Working time arrangements (e.g. part-time work)
  • 26 days of paid holiday per year
  • Recuperation of overtime
  • The Institute is closed for holiday between Christmas and New Year
  • Leave on social grounds, etc.

Development of our employees

We consider that the professional development of our employees is the best way to maintain our status of scientific reference in the field of (public) health !

In line with our convictions (pro-activity and innovation), we believe that our employees are the main players in their development. As employer, we support them in the deployment of their skills and competences. This support allows them to adapt to the needs of their function by constantly developing and anticipating what will happen in the future.

What does this mean in practical terms?

  • Training programme when you join the Institute (welcoming sessions, quality assurance, planning interview) and opportunities for development throughout your career
  • Annual review meeting with your superior, in collaboration with the Personnel & Organisation Department

An inclusive approach means that your development is encouraged by a wide range of training types:

  • Technical skills (e.g. languages, computer skills and the use of scientific instruments and equipment) and generic skills (e.g. communication, leadership, assertiveness, stress management, etc.)
  • Training courses, workshops, conferences and congresses, information sessions, e-learning, coaching, etc.

Remuneration and salary package

Remuneration is determined according to salary scales, which reflect the level of your qualifications, your experience and the responsibilities related to your post.

Apart from this, other advantages make your life easier:

  • Reimbursement of expenses when commuting between home and work
  • Hospitalisation insurance, language allowances, sport allowances, FED+ card (, company restaurant with reasonable prices (hot and cold dishes)
  • Large number of holidays
  • Work-home balance
  • Etc.

And it does not stop there. Benefit from these advantages and discover others when joining us!

A sustainable organisation

In order to guarantee our commitment vis-à-vis our employees and society as a whole, we take various measures in different directions:

  • Well-being, safety at work and the promotion of the health of our employees
  • Possibility of doing one hour of sports per week during working hours
  • Allowance granted for a sporting/private cultural activity
  • Possibility of e-work (under certain conditions and depending on the job)
  • Free flu vaccination
  • “Putting out the fire” training in first aid
  • First aid workers and trustworthy support staff available for our employees
  • Information sessions on psychosocial well-being at work (e.g. burnout and happiness at work), biosafety, etc.

    Environmental impact:
  • Mives Project (Milieu en Veiligheid – Environnement et Sécurité – Environment and Safety): commitment of the organisation and of all employees to reduce our environmental impact
  • Allowance granted to employees who come to work by bike
  • Sustainable development day

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Because a work experience should be unique!

Welcoming and integrating you are key elements for a good start

Sciensano connects, health, science and society

You have not yet graduated and are interested in the field of public and/or animal health?

Each year Sciensano welcomes many interns in its scientific departments and laboratories, but also in its support functions. 

These internships and/or dissertations are carried out with a view to preparing a diploma or certification and must be integrated into a training programme. Therefore, these collaborations with Sciensano are subject to a tripartite training agreement between the trainee, the educational institution, and Sciensano.

Sciensano, a diversity of people

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