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The main goal of public and animal health policy is to protect and promote the human’s and animal’s population health. Therefore, understanding how healthy Belgium’s humans and animals are in general is crucial. Those are present in the Health Status Report.

Furthermore Sciensano offers a range of statistics, gleaned from a number of sources, about the topics we study. It is intended to be a starting point to help you in your search for data. Where possible, the data are drawn directly from our science and research, meaning that the latest information is always available.

Figures and statistics

Cancer | Cancer Centre (only available in Dutch or French)

Care infections and antibiotic resistance | National program for the Surveillance of Hospital Infections (NSIH) (only available in Dutch or French)

COVID-19 — epidemiological trends | Epistat 

Food consumption | Belgian National Food Consumption Survey (FCS)

General health status of the population | Health Interview Survey (HIS)

Illegal drugs | Belgian Treatment Demand Indicator Registry (BTDIR) (only available in Dutch or French)

Infectious diseases — epidemiological trends - public version| Epistat - clinician surveillance network

Infectious diseases — epidemiological trends - for health professionals| Epistat (only available for health professionals)

Life expectancy | Standardised Procedures for Mortality Analysis — Belgium (SPMA)

Mortality — all causes | Standardised Procedures for Mortality Analysis — Belgium (SPMA)

Mortality — observed, expected and excess | Belgian Mortality Monitoring (Be-MOMO)

Perinatality  (birth statistics) | Standardised Procedures for Mortality Analysis — Belgium (SPMA)

Pollen and fungal spores concentration in the air | Belgian Aerobiological Surveillance Network (AirAllergy)

Rabies status in Belgium | National Reference Centre for rabies (only available in Dutch or French)

Rare diseases and orphan drugs | Orphanet

Respiratory pathogens like Influenza — seasonal evolution | Epistat — clinician surveillance network

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) — determinants | Epistat - clinician surveillance network

Tick bites | TicksNet (only available in Dutch, French and German)

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