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To keep a close watch on human and animal health in Belgium, Sciensano put up several surveillance networks. Find out about how to participate, which parameters we monitor and our most recent conclusions.

COVID-19 pandemic surveillances

Sciensano has set up various surveillances and data collections to monitor the epidemic situation. The surveillances can roughly be divided into 3 major groups: monitoring the epidemiological situationcontact tracing and surveillance of the vaccines on the market. 


Surveillance by health professionals

BCFR | Belgian Cystic Fibrosis Registry

BEWSD | Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs

BNMDR | Belgian Neuromuscular Disease Registry (BNMDR)

CRRD | Central Rare Disease Registry

CJD | Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) Registry

EPILABO | sentinel network of laboratories

Hiv-ARL | new hiv diagnoses registry

Hiv-ARC | follow up of hiv seropostive patients

IQED | initiative for quality promotion and epidemiology in diabetes care

IQED-Foot | initiative for quality promotion and epidemiology in multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinics

IQECAD | initiative for quality promotion and epidemiology in children and adolescents with diabetes

MATRA | mandatory notification

NRC | national reference centres

NSIH | national surveillance of infections in health care settings

Pedisurv | paediatric surveillance of infectious diseases

SARI | sentinel network of hospitals

SGP | sentinel general practices

STI | sentinel network of clinicians for the registration of sexually transmitted infections

TDI | Belgian Treatment Demand Indicators

COVID-19 surveillances | COVID-19 surveillances and data collections to monitor the epidemic situation


Citizen surveillance

TickNet | citizen portal to report tick bites in Belgium

SurveillanceMoustiques | citizen portal to notify tiger mosquitoes in Belgium


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