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PediSurv | the surveillance network of infectious diseases in children

The network consists of pediatricians from all over Belgium and general practitioners from Brussels, who report each month data on 7 diseases (measles, mumps, rubella, acute flask paralysis (polio), hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), invasive pneumococcal infections and from 01/06/2022 severe cases of whooping cough in children <3 years of age). This allows Sciensano to monitor epidemiological trends of severe and/or rare childhood diseases. By collecting and analyzing indispensable data from practitioners, PediSurv supports policymakers in determining health policy priorities.

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Do you want to participate in the pediatric surveillance “PediSurv”?
Register in Dutch or Frenchand you will receive your personal login details and further instructions within the week.

Registration of data (only for clinicians who are member of Pedisurv)

Consult the data registration page in Dutch or French to:

  • register your monthly data for the 7 diseases in children (<15 years) reported by the “Pedisurv” network or
  • complete or consult your previous registrations.

 If you are not yet a member of Pedisurv, you can become a member of Pedisurv under ‘Subscription’ to receive login details.

Problems during registration?

netwerkcoordinator when you encounter problems with the Pedisurv registration or have another question.

Case definitions

Consult the pages in Dutch or French to find out if your patient meets the notification criteria for one of these 7 diseases:

  • invasive pneumococcal infections
  • measles
  • mumps
  • hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS)
  • acute flask paralysis (AFP) - Polio
  • congenital rubella
  • severe cases of whooping cough in children <3 years of age

Pedisurv collaborates with

This network is collaborating closely with the following partners:

  • the national reference centers, including:
    • NRC for measles, mumps and rubella, Sciensano
    • NRC for invasive pneumococcal infections (streptococcus pneumoniae), KULeuven (only available in Dutch or French)
    • NRC for congenital infections (link is external), Hopital University Erasme-ULB (only available in Dutch or French)
    • NRC for enteroviruses (incl. Poliovirus and parecho virus) (link is external), KULeuven (only available in Dutch or French)
    • NRC for STEC (Shiga toxin producing E. coli) (link is external), UZ Brussel (only available in Dutch or French)
  • the network of Sentinel laboratories (Sciensano)
  • the minimum hospital data (FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment) (only available in Dutch or French)
  • the mandatory notifications (AViQ, COCOM, AZG)
  • the centralized registration platforms for vaccinations such as vaccinnet (from AZG, only available in Dutch) and e-vax (from FWB, only available in French).


Annual reports:

Annual reports are only available in French or Dutch. Please consult the Dutch or French Pedisurv-page to get an overview.


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