Our commitment to quality, health, safety and environment

Due to its mission, Sciensano must implement all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of its work, because Sciensano connects health, science and society. At Sciensano, quality is not only related to the actual product or service, but to the entire process. Sciensano’s staff has been extensively trained and is profoundly dedicated to providing a superior quality of service. By adhering to the requirements of international recognised standards, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product, time and time again. These requirements underlie the confidence that citizens, partners and government have in Sciensano. They are the basis for Sciensano’s credibility on both the national and the international level.


Certification as a guarantee of high-quality services

One of Sciensano’s most important objectives is to implement the Quality Management System in all it’s activities. Sciensano combines environment and quality in one quality and environmental management system. These principles are reviewed critically on a regular basis and brought in line with new requirements. Certification of Sciensano’s day-to-day operations promotes continual progress, implying the monitoring and constant renewal of goals, a dynamic method for never taking anything for granted while improving effectiveness. They include:

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Discover in a glimpse the services we offer at people and businesses.

Working at Sciensano means contributing to our motto 'healthy all life long'.

Sciensano is interested in partnering to further its public health mission.

Sciensano is the point of contact for public health issues.

5 scientific directorates supported by administrative offices.

For more than a century, Sciensano has been a reference in the field of health.

Sciensano’s employees recognise their responsibilities and share core values.

Sciensano must implement all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of its work.

Sciensano responds to emergencies that may affect public health.

Discover Sciensano's activities by illustrating figures.