Analysis of benzophenone and 4-methylbenzophenone in breakfast cereals using ultrasonic extraction in combination with gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS(n)).

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Benzophenone (BP) and 4-methylbenzophenone (4MBP) are photo-initiators that are generally used to cure ink on carton boards. In this contribution, a fast and reliable method for the determination of BP and 4MBP in breakfast cereals is described. The sample was extracted ultrasonically using a mixture of dichloromethane and acetonitrile (1:1), followed by a clean-up of the extract using solid phase extraction with a silica cartridge. Finally, the extract was analysed by GC-MS(n). Benzophenone-d(10) was used as internal standard. The presented method is validated in terms of linearity, recove…

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