CD4+ T cells contain Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in the absence of CD8+ T cells in mice vaccinated with DNA encoding Ag85A.

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The contribution of CD8+ and CD4+ T cell-mediated effector functions against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection elicited by i.m. vaccination with plasmid DNA encoding the immunodominant Ag85A antigen of M. tuberculosis was studied. Ag85A DNA-vaccinated beta2-microglobulin gene-deficient (beta2m-/-) mice, which lack CD8+ T cells, produced Ag85-specific antibodies and Th1 type cytokines similar to wild-type mice. Although beta2m-/- mice were more susceptible to M. tuberculosis infection, following vaccination they efficiently controlled bacterial replication in spleen and lungs 4 weeks post…

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