Clinical Accuracy of Alinity m HR HPV Assay on Self- versus Clinician-Taken Samples Using the VALHUDES Protocol.

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The VALHUDES protocol was established to evaluate clinical accuracy of human papillomavirus (HPV) assays to detect cervical precancer on first-void urine (FVU) and vaginal self-samples versus matched clinician-collected cervical samples (CCSs). Here we evaluated clinical performance of Alinity m HR HPV assay in a colposcopy referral population. Home-collected FVU (Colli-Pee FV 5020) 1 day before colposcopy (n = 492), at-clinic collected dry vaginal self-samples [multi-Collect Swab (mC; n = 493), followed by Evalyn Brush (EB; n = 233) or Qvintip (QT; n = 260)] and matched CCSs, were availabl…

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