Defining optimal triage strategies for hrHPV screen positive women - an evaluation of HPV 16/18 genotyping, cytology and p16/Ki-67 cyto-immunochemistry.

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BACKGROUND: Several options for the triage of high-risk HPV screen positive (hrHPV+) women were assessed.METHODS: This study incorporated CIN2+ cases and controls, all of whom tested hrHPV+ and whose results of liquid-based cytology (LBC), HPV16/18 genotyping and p16/Ki67 cyto-immunochemistry were available. Sensitivity and specificity for the CIN2+ of these triage tests were evaluated.RESULTS: Absolute sensitivities of HPV 16/18 typing, LBC and p16/Ki-67 cyto-immunochemistry for CIN2+ detection were 61.7%, 68.3% and 85.0% for women with hrHPV+ clinician-taken samples. Respective specificit…

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