Dietary intake of hexabromocyclododecane diastereoisomers (α-, β-, and γ-HBCD) in the Belgian adult population.

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A study was performed to assess exposure of the Belgian population to HBCD diastereoisomers. Measurements of HBCD were performed by UPLC-MS/MS, on 45 composite samples from 5 major food groups: dairy (products), meat (products), eggs, fish (products) and a group of “other” products. The medium bound estimated average daily intake (EDI) of ΣHBCD in the Belgian population was 0.99 ng kg(-1)bw d(-1). The diastereoisomer contribution to the mean EDI showed a predominance of γ-HBCD at 67%, followed by α-HBCD at 25% and 8% for β-HBCD. These results are consistent with the pattern found in the two…

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