Duration of Immunity Induced after Vaccination of Cattle with a Live Attenuated or Inactivated Lumpy Skin Disease Virus Vaccine

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Vaccines have proven themselves as an efficient way to control and eradicate lumpy skin disease (LSD). In addition to the safety and efficacy aspects, it is important to know the duration for which the vaccines confer protective immunity, as this impacts the design of an efficient control and eradication program. We evaluated the duration of immunity induced by a live attenuated vaccine (LSDV LAV) and an inactivated vaccine (LSDV Inac), both based on LSDV. Cattle were vaccinated and challenged after 6, 12 and 18 months for LSDV LAV or after 6 and 12 months for the LSDV Inac. The LSDV LAV el…

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