Evaluation of 3 rapid influenza diagnostic tests during the 2012-2013 epidemic: influences of subtype and viral load.

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This article evaluates the performance of 3 rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs), in correlation with the influenza subtypes and the viral load. A total of 236 samples were prospectively analyzed with BinaxNOW Influenza A/B, Directigen EZ Flu A and B, and bioNexia Influenza A+B. The results were compared to cell cultures and real-time polymerase chain reaction. Positive samples were further subtyped. Thirty-seven samples were positive for influenza A, and 57, for influenza B. For A(H1N1), the sensitivities were 71.42% for BinaxNOW, 78.57% for Directigen, and 67.85% for bioNexia. Eight s…

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