Fast and sensitive LC-MS/MS method measuring human mycotoxin exposure using biomarkers in urine.

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A direct, fast and sensitive LC-MS/MS method was developed to measure biomarkers for mycotoxin exposure in human urine. In total, 32 biomarkers were quantitatively or semi-quantitatively measured in 32 urine samples of Belgian volunteers using two injections. All urine samples contained deoxynivalenol-15-glucuronide, the major detoxification metabolite of deoxynivalenol, in the ng/mL range. Also deoxynivalenol-3-glucuronide and de-epoxy-deoxynivalenol-glucuronide were present in, respectively, 90 and 25% of the samples, while deoxynivalenol was detected in 60% of the samples, in lower conce…

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