Initiative for Quality Improvement and Epidemiology in Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Clinics (IQED-Foot) - Results of the 4th data collection (audit years 2013-2014)

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This report describes the results of the fourth audit among the recognized diabetic foot clinics in Belgium (hereafter referred to as “centres”). The results are compared to those from previous audits. Four audits have been organised between 2005 and 2014. Across all audits, 5,510 diabetic foot problems of 4,917 unique patients were sampled in 20-34 centres. Foot problems were either a diabetic foot ulcer of at least Wagner grade 2 and/or an active Charcot foot. Data pertained to characteristics at intake and the treatment and outcomes over the course of 6-12 months. After the audit, centre…

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