Insights into In Vivo Absolute Oral Bioavailability, Biotransformation, and Toxicokinetics of Zearalenone, α-Zearalenol, β-Zearalenol, Zearalenone-14-glucoside, and Zearalenone-14-sulfate in Pigs

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The aim of this study was to determine the toxicokinetic characteristics of ZEN and its modified forms, α-zearalenol (α-ZEL), β-zearalenol (β-ZEL), zearalenone-14-glucoside (ZEN14G), and zearalenone-14-sulfate (ZEN14S), including presystemic and systemic hydrolysis in pigs. Crossover pig trials were performed by means of intravenous and oral administration of ZEN and its modified forms. Systemic plasma concentrations of the administered toxins and their metabolites were quantified and further processed via tailor-made compartmental toxicokinetic models. Furthermore, portal plasma was analyz…

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