The perinatal presence of antigen (p-azophenylarsonate) or anti-mu antibodies lead to the loss of the recurrent idiotype (CRIA) in A/J mice.

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The immune response of A/J mice against p-azophenylarsonate (Ars)-keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) is characterized by the dominance, late in primary and during the secondary, of a recurrent idiotype called CRIA, encoded by a canonical combination of Ig gene segments. In this study, A/J mice were given Ars coupled to deaggregated human gamma globulins (dHGG) within 24 h after delivery. The offsprings from these mice were then exposed as adults to Ars-KLH. These animals developed an unusual immune response. The level of anti-Ars antibodies was nearly normal but a dramatic shift in repertoire …

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