Phylogeographic analysis of avian influenza viruses isolated from Charadriiformes in Belgium confirms intercontinental reassortment in gulls.

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Nine influenza viruses isolated from gulls and shorebirds in Belgium (2008-2010), including H3N8, H5N2, H6N1, H11N9, H13N6, H13N8, and H16N3 subtypes, were targeted using random amplification and next-generation sequencing. The gene segments of these viruses segregated into three phylogeographic lineage types: (1) segments circulating in waterfowl in Eurasia with sporadic introduction in other species and in the Americas (“Eurasian avian”), (2) segments circulating in American waterfowl with sporadic introduction to other species and regions (“American avian”), and (3) segments circulating …

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