Pre-registration efficacy study of a novel marker vaccine against classical swine fever on Maternally Derived Antibody negative (MDA-) target animals.

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Classical swine fever (CSF) marker vaccine candidate CP7_E2alf produced under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) conditions by Pfizer was tested on 40 six-week-old MDA-piglets according to the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) requirements. Single doses of CP7_E2alf were given to 15 piglets orally, while 15 other piglets were intramuscularly vaccinated. Ten additional animals were included as unvaccinated controls. All piglets were oronasally challenged with the highly virulent CSF virus (CSFV) strain “Koslov” 14 days after vaccination. CP7_E2alf administered i.m. provided a complete protection,…

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