Sciensano & Chikungunya

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Epidemiological surveillance in humans

The role of Sciensano’s service Epidemiology of infectious diseases is:

  • to describe the epidemiology of chikungunya in Belgium (in terms of age, sex, geographical location and probable country of infection)
  • to follow-up trends over time
  • and to identify possible risk factors

The data are collected by the National Reference Centre (NRC), the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. 

The results are presented in an annual report, or in the ‘Other Publications’ section below.

Mosquito surveillance (MEMO+)

The aim of the MEMO+ project is to monitor the introduction of exotic Aedes mosquitoes, such as the tiger mosquito, in Belgium. The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (ITG) actively tracks Aedes mosquitoes and their eggs at potential entry points, such as motorway parking sites and tyre companies. Sciensano coordinates the passive surveillance, through a citizen science project, where citizens are invited to report the presence of tiger mosquitoes by uploading photos via a website.

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