The use of a condom is essential to protect yourself and your partners against STDs. If you have any concerns, you should have an STD screening test. In the event of an infection, follow the treatment correctly and inform your sexual partners.

How can genital herpes be prevented?

  • Condom (offers effective but not total protection)
  • Dental dam

The risk of transmission is increased when a rash appears with vesicles (blisters) or spots on the genitals.

To prevent the risk of transmission, all sexual contact must be avoided:

  • do not perform fellatio
  • do not kiss your partner or anyone else
  • do not share cutlery or any object that the infected person may put in their mouth
  • wash your hands after you have touched a herpetic sore.

Since 2000, the network of clinicians has been collecting information on the high-risk behaviour of patients suffering from an STD including genital herpes.



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