Calculation indicator "social support"

Last updated on 27-6-2024 by Pierre Daubresse

Social health was mapped using the OSLO scale, which contains three questions:

How many people are you so close to that you can count on them if you have serious personal problems?

1. None/2. 1 or ⅔. 3 to 5/4. 6 or more

How much concern do people show in what you are doing?

1. A lot of concern and interest/2. Some concern and interest/3. Uncertain/4. Little concern and interest/5. No concern and interest

How easy is it to get practical help from neighbours if you should need it?

1. Very easy/2. Easy/3. Possible/4. Difficult/5. Very difficult

The scores of the three questions were added together. For this, the scores of the last two questions were reversed (1=5,2=4, …). The sum of the scores was then used to classify individuals into groups of “limited perceived quality of social support” (score of 3 to 8) and “moderate to strong perceived quality of social support” (score of 9 to 14).

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