National Reference Center (NRC) for Brucella spp.

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 If you want to know more about the detection, identification and monitoring of the zoonotic bacteria responsible for infectious diseases in animals, please contact the following website: Zoonotic bacterial diseases

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At the bottom of this page, you can find the NRC reports.

You can consult the accompanying epidemiological surveillance reports at: Health topic Brucellosis, Health topic Zoonoses

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Year Description
2017 PDF icon Brucella 2017 NRC report
2016 PDF icon Brucella 2016 NRC report
2015 PDF icon Brucella 2015 NRC report
2014 PDF icon Brucella 2014 NRC report
2011 PDF icon Brucella 2011 NRC rapport
2011 PDF icon Brucella 2011 Rapport CNR

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