National Reference Center (NRC) for Measles, Mumps and Rubella viruses

​​Rubella screening in pregnant women 

  1. PDF icon Presentation about Rubella screening in pregnancy
  2. PDF icon Flyer about ‘good practice’ IgM Rubella testing

ATTENTION! If you suspect a case of congenital Rubella or infection with Rubella of a pregnant woman, please send your sample to the National Reference Center for Congenital Infections

Urgent analysis Measles

In case of an urgent analysis for Measles (measles PCR only), please send the sample to the lab immediately at the address below with “urgent measles sample” written on the envelope. Please always include the completed request form for proper processing. 


Department of Viral Diseases

NRC MMR, attn. Inge Roukaerts

Rue de England 642

1180 Uccle

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At the bottom of this page, you can find the NRC reports.

You can consult the accompanying epidemiological surveillance reports at: Health topic Measles, Health topic Mumps, Health topic Rubella, Health topic Vaccine-preventable diseases.

Responsible laboratories


Year Description
2019 PDF icon La rubéole pendant la grossesse (EN) Presentation
2019 PDF icon Rubella screening in pregnancy Slides Comité Voor Eliminatie van Mazelen en Rubella

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