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Dr. Koenraad Van Hoorde PhD

Head of service

Koenraad Van Hoorde graduated in 2004 with a degree in Biotechnology from the Faculty of Sciences of Ghent University. Subsequently, in 2009, with research on the use of lactic acid bacteria as adjunct cultures carried out at the Laboratory of Microbiology, he obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of Ghent University. From 2009 to 2018 he was active as doctor-assistant at Hogeschool Gent (Department of Applied Sciences) and Ghent University (Faculty of Bioscience-engineering). During this period he conducted research on the microbiology of (fermented) foods and was able to expand his expertise in the use of molecular and mass spectrometry-based methods for the study of microbial diversity and dynamics. He was also responsible for teaching (practical and theoretical) topics such as microbiology, microbiological methods and gene technology. In the period 2017-2018, he was also a researcher at the Centre for Food Safety at the University College Dublin in Ireland within the framework of the EFSA EU Food Risk Assessment Fellowship, where he worked on the use of the latest generation of sequence analysis techniques in the context of food safety and risk assessment. Since 2019 he is assigned as head of service a.i. of Foodborne Pathogens. He is responsible for the Campylobacter National Reference Laboratory. He is involved in various national and international research projects. He is member of the Scientific Committee of the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, and is a member of various scientific associations.

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