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The Belgian cystic fibrosis registry: summary report 2010, Thomas, Muriel, Wanyama Simeon, and Vermeulen F. , 0/0/2012, Number 38, Brussels, p.40, (2012)
Increased proportion of CF patients with normal FEV1 over an 11-years nation-wide study ? Have characteristics changed ?, De Wachter, E., De Schutter I., Thomas Muriel, Wanyama Simeon, Haentjes P., and Malfroot A. , European Cystic Fibrosis Conference, 0/0/2012, Issue ECFS, NA, (2012)
Problématique du dépistage systématique de la mucoviscidose. Données du registre Belge de la Mucoviscidose., Thomas, Muriel, Wanyama Simeon, Jansen H., and Van Casteren Viviane , Séminaire de concertation "problématique du dépistage néonatal systématique de la mucoviscidose", 0/3/2012, Issue Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, NA, (2012)
Who is reported in the Belgian, Dutch and French CF registries., Thomas, Muriel, Castellani C., Cuppens H., Gulmans V., Lemmonier L., Norek A., Vermeulen F., and De Boeck K , 35th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference, 0/6/2012, Issue European Cystic Fibrosis, NA, (2012)

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