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Combining Attenuated Total Reflectance- Infrared Spectroscopy and chemometrics for the identification and the dosage estimation of MDMA tablets, Deconinck, Eric, Van Campenhout Raf, Aoudi Cherazade, canfyn michael, Bothy Jean-Luc, Blanckaert Peter, gremaux lies, and Courselle Patricia , talanta, 04/2019, Volume 195, Number 151, (2019)
Determination of ocfentanil and W-18 in a suspicious heroin-like powder in Belgium, Maarten, Degreef, Blanckaert Peter, Eleanor Berry, Alexander van nuijs, and Kristof Maudens , Forensic Toxicology, Jan-07-2019, Volume 37, Issue 2, (2019)
Lessons to be learned from toxicological analyses in intoxicated patients and seized materials at an electronic music dance festival, Paul, Calle, Kristof Maudens, Sabine Lemoyne, Simon Geerts, Diederik Van Sassenbroe, Peter Jensen, Jorne Van Overloop, Deconinck Eric, and Blanckaert Peter , Forensic Science International, Jan-06-2019, Volume 299, (2019)
Reitox national reporting to EMCDDA on drugs and drug addiction, 2019, Plettinckx, E, Van Baelen L, Antoine J., Blanckaert Peter, and Gremeaux L. , 30/10/2019, Brussels, Belgium, (2019)
Report on a novel emerging class of highly potent benzimidazole NPS opioids: chemical and in vitro functional characterization of isotonitazene, Blanckaert, Peter, Cannaert Annelies, Katleen Van Uytfanghe, Fabian Hulpia, Deconinck Eric, Van Calenbergh Serge, and Stove Christophe , Drug Testing and Analysis, 19 nov 2019, (2019)
When clozapine appears at a dance event…, Lisbeth, Patteet, Maudens K, Wille Sarah, Blanckaert Peter, Neels Hugo, and Paul Calle , Acta Clinica Belgica, Feb-06-2020, (2019)