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The GMOseek matrix: a decision support tool for optimizing the detection of genetically modified plants

Van den Bulcke; Heinze,P.; Berben,G.; U. Busch; Nancy Roosens; Eric Janssen; Jana Zel; Kristina Gruden; Morisset,D. Source: BMC Bioinformatics, Volume 14, Issue 256, Number 14, p.1- 14 (2013) Keywords: ...

Towards detection of unknown GMOs.454

Leimanis,S.; Lovoll,M.; Morisset,D.; Nemeth,A.; N. Papazova; Prins,T.; J. Emacle; P. Ichl; T. Uttink; Isabel Taverniers; Tengs,T.; van Dijk,J.P.; Wulff,D.; Jana Zel; Zhang,H.; M. Znidarsic Source: Genetically ...

New approaches in GMO detection399

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Querci,M.; Marc Van den Bulcke; Jana Zel; Van den Eede,G.; Broll,H. Source: Anal.Bioanal.Chem., Volume 396, Issue 6, Number 2002, p.1991- ...

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