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The correlation between antimutagenic activity and total phenolic content of extracts of 31 plant species with high antioxidant activity.

antioxidant polyphenols in the extracts. From the results plant extracts were identified that were not mutagenic, not cytotoxic and that may be antimutagenic in the Ames test. For most plant extracts, at the ...

Polyphenols content, antioxidant and antiviral activities of leaf extracts of Marrubium deserti growing in Tunisia

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Edziri, H.; Mastouri, M.; Aouni, M.; Luc Verschaeve Source: South African Journal of Botany, Volume 80, Number 109 (2012) Keywords: Antioxidant activity Antiviral activity Marrubium deserti de No ...

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