Crisis Coordination

Head of Service: 

The Crisis Coordination department organises central crisis management within Sciensano.

Crisis management requires a transversal and multidisciplinary approach, for which the intense collaboration between scientific directorates and support services forms the basis.

The department oversees all phases of health crises, before, during and after the crisis:

  • In preparation for possible crises, the department develops the necessary strategies and plans, and organises crisis-simulation exercises and training courses among other things.
  • During a crisis, the department coordinates the implementation of the internal crisis policy in order to ensure optimal crisis management. Among other things, this is done by overseeing the crisis activities within Sciensano and facilitating the smooth internal organisation of these activities. The head of the Crisis Coordination department is also the coordinator of the RAG. The department also forms the link with relevant crisis activities outside the institute.
  • After a crisis, the department evaluates all relevant aspects of crisis management so that our internal plans and procedures can be adjusted and adapted accordingly.

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