Belgian Mosquitoes Are Competent for Japanese Encephalitis Virus and Readily Feed on Pigs, Suggesting a High Vectorial Capacity.

Last updated on 4-12-2023 by Severine Matthijs

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, a day-active mosquito known to feed aggressively on humans, was reported as a nuisance species near an abandoned pigsty in Belgium. Since Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is an emerging zoonotic flavivirus which uses pigs as amplification hosts, we investigated (1) whether would feed on pigs and (2) its vector competence for JEV, to investigate whether this species could be a potential vector. Three- to seven-day-old F0-generation adult mosquitoes, emerged from field-collected larvae, were fed on a JEV genotype 3 Nakayama strain spiked blood meal. Blood-fed mosquitoes were subsequently i…

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